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Facebook makes users feel envious, dissatisfied: German study reveals social network's big role in users' emotional life

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Researchers were also able to establish a negative link between the envy that arises while on Facebook and users’ general life satisfaction. (Credit: Paul Glogowski)

Jan. 21, 2013 — In a joint research study conducted by the Department of Information Systems of the TU Darmstadt (Prof. Dr. Peter Buxmann) and the Institute of Information Systems of the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin (Dr. Hanna Krasnova), Facebook members were surveyed regarding their feelings after using the platform. More than one-third of respondents reported predominantly negative feelings, such as frustration. The researchers identified that envying their "Facebook friends" is the major reason for this result.

Project manager...

New tool for selecting embryos in fertility treatments

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Specialists selecting embryos. (Credit: Image courtesy of Asociación RUVID)

Jan. 21, 2013 — A team of researchers from the Universitat Politècnica de València and specialists from the Hospital Universitari i Politècnic La Fe have developed a new tool, a mathematical model to be exact, to help in the selection of embryos for transfer in fertility treatments.

The model is especially useful for transfers of intermediate quality embryos on the second...

Ultra-small devices for energy-efficient electronics

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Redox active ferrocenealkanethiol molecules pack together and assemble into monolayer thin films on silver electrodes. Molecules that stand tall instead of crouching form tighter assemblies, which dramatically improves the device properties. (Credit: Image courtesy of Tyndall National Institute)

Jan. 21, 2013 — A team of scientists from Tyndall National Institute at University College Cork and the National University of Singapore have designed and fabricated...

Revolutionizing military manufacturing

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An infantry fighting vehicle is an armored vehicle used to carry infantry into battle. (Credit: DARPA)

Jan. 18, 2013 — Inventors from across the country can enter a national competition to design a new amphibious infantry fighting vehicle for the U.S. Marine Corps and Vanderbilt University's Institute for Software Integrated Systems (ISIS) is playing a key role in the development of the engineering software that makes the challenge possible.

The Defense...

From bullying to relationships: Mapping our online communications

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Jan. 19, 2013 — When we typically think of kids who are the victims of school bullying, what comes to mind are isolated youth who do not fit in. A new study, however, shows that when that harassment occurs online, the victims tend to be in mainstream social groups -- and they are often friends or former friends, not strangers.

The research is part of a burgeoning field of study into the effects of social media on everyday relationships and behavior. Personality and social...

Vulnerabilities in security of personal genetic information

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Jan. 17, 2013 — Using only a computer, an Internet connection, and publicly accessible online resources, a team of Whitehead Institute researchers has been able to identify nearly 50 individuals who had submitted personal genetic material as participants in genomic studies.

Intent on conducting an exercise in "vulnerability research" -- a common practice in the field of information security -- the team took a multi-step approach to prove that under certain circumstances, the...

Soft nanoscale 'Lego' built in the computer

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Simulation snapshot of a cubic crystal built of soft patchy diblock star polymers. (Credit: Copyright American Physical Society)

Jan. 17, 2013 — Barbara Capone of the Computational Physics Group of the University of Vienna has developed a new method for the construction of building blocks at the nanoscale. The researcher in Soft Matter Physics, who works at the group of Christos Likos, Professor for Multiscale Computational Physics, has specialized in the...

Inaccurate diagnoses of melanoma by smartphone apps could delay doctor visits, life-saving treatment

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Jan. 16, 2013 — Smartphone applications that claim to evaluate a user's photographs of skin lesions for the likelihood of cancer instead returned highly variable and often inaccurate feedback, according to a study led by researchers at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. The findings, published in JAMA Dermatology and available online January 17, suggest that relying on these "apps" instead of consulting with a physician may delay the diagnosis of melanoma and timely...

Mathematical breakthrough sets out rules for more effective teleportation

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A new protocol advances solutions for more efficient teleportation -- the transport of quantum information at the speed of light. (Credit: © vlights / Fotolia)

Jan. 16, 2013 — For the last ten years, theoretical physicists have shown that the intense connections generated between particles as established in the quantum law of 'entanglement' may hold the key to eventual teleportation of quantum information.

Now, for the first time, researchers have...