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Machine perception lab shows robotic one year old on video

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Different faces of Diego-san: video of robo-toddler shows him demonstrating different facial expressions, using 27 moving parts in the head alone.

Jan. 9, 2013 — The world is getting a long-awaited first glimpse at a new humanoid robot in action mimicking the expressions of a one-year-old child. The robot will be used in studies on sensory-motor and social development – how babies “learn” to control their bodies and to interact with other people.

Diego-san’s hardware was developed by leading robot manufacturers: the head by Hanson Robotics, and the body by Japan’s Kokoro Co. The project is led by University of California, San Diego full research scientist Javier Movellan.


Virtual reality and robotics in neurosurgery: Promise and challenges

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Dec. 20, 2012 — Robotic technologies have the potential to help neurosurgeons perform precise, technically demanding operations, together with virtual reality environments to help them navigate through the brain, according to researchers.

The topic is the focus of a special supplement to Neurosurgery (, official journal of the Congress of Neurological Surgeons. The journal is published by Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, a part of Wolters...

'Liquid that thinks:' Swarm of ping-pong-ball-sized robots created

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Researchers are creating teams of tiny robots. (Credit: Image courtesy of University of Colorado at Boulder)

Dec. 14, 2012 — University of Colorado Boulder Assistant Professor Nikolaus Correll likes to think in multiples. If one robot can accomplish a singular task, think how much more could be accomplished if you had hundreds of them.

Correll and his computer science research team, including research associate Dustin Reishus and professional research...

Video-game users: Who are sports gamers?

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Concordia professor Mia Consalvo holds a Canada Research Chair in Game Studies and Design. (Credit: Image courtesy of Concordia University)

Dec. 13, 2012 — From Gran Turismo to WWE Smackdown, sports-based video games represent a wide variety of pursuits. When it comes to the people who actually play those games, however, little is known. How do sports video game players fit their games into a larger sports-related context? How does their video game play inform their...

Head-mounted cameras could help robots understand social interactions

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Carnegie Mellon researchers have developed a new method using head-mounted video cameras to detect where people's gazes converge. (Credit: Image courtesy of Carnegie Mellon University)

Dec. 13, 2012 — What is everyone looking at? It's a common question in social settings because the answer identifies something of interest, or helps delineate social groupings. Those insights someday will be essential for robots designed to interact with humans, so researchers at...