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Most extensive pictures ever of an organism's DNA mutation processes

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This circle represents the Escherichia coli chromosome with 1,931 mutations. Blue lines represent base-pair substitutions and green lines represent the gain or loss of between one and four nucleotides. (Credit: Andrew J. Hanson, School of Informatics and Computing, Indiana University)

TechAndComputer (Sep. 17, 2012) — Biologists and informaticists at Indiana University have produced one of the most extensive pictures ever of mutation processes in the DNA sequence of an organism, elucidating important new evolutionary information about the molecular nature of mutations and how fast those heritable changes occur.

By analyzing the exact genomic changes in the model prokaryote Escherichia coli that had...

Computational method for pinpointing genetic factors that cause disease

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TechAndComputer (Sep. 5, 2012) — With the ability to sequence human genes comes an onslaught of raw material about the genetic characteristics that distinguish us, and wading through these reserves of data poses a major challenge for life scientists. Researchers at Roswell Park Cancer Institute (RPCI) and the Center for Human Genome Variation at Duke University Medical Center (DUMC) have developed an approach for analyzing data that can help researchers studying genetic factors in disease...

Identifying aggressive breast cancers by interpreting the mathematical patterns in the cancer genome

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TechAndComputer (Aug. 23, 2012) — It is now possible to identify aggressive breast cancers by interpreting the mathematical patterns in the cancer genome.

Researchers at the University of Oslo, Norway (UiO) have developed a completely new method for differentiating between breast cancer patients with high and low risks of dying from the illness.

'Current methods cannot predict who will do well and who will not. We have wanted to identify the very seriously ill patients so that they can...

New computational technique relieves logjam from massive amounts of data

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TechAndComputer (Aug. 1, 2012) — It's relatively easy to collect massive amounts of data on microbes. But the files are so large that it takes days to simply transmit them to other researchers and months to analyze once they are received. Share This: See Also: Plants & AnimalsSoil TypesSpiders and TicksFungusComputers & MathInformation TechnologyHackingEncryptionReference Computational genomicsBioinformaticsComputingList of data...

Knee stress studied at tissue, cellular levels

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TechAndComputer (July 24, 2012) — A Cleveland Clinic research team is developing virtual models of human knee joints to better understand how tissues and their individual cells react to heavy loads -- virtual models that someday can be used to understand damage mechanisms caused by the aging process or debilitating diseases, such as osteoarthritis.

Led by Ahmet Erdemir, Ph.D., the team is leveraging the powerful computing systems of the Ohio Supercomputer Center to develop...