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Smartphone app can track objects on the battlefield as well as on the sports field

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TechAndComputer (Aug. 30, 2012) — University of Missouri researchers have developed new software using smartphones' GPS and imaging abilities that determine the exact location of distant objects as well as monitor the speed and direction of moving objects. The software could eventually allow smartphone-armed soldiers to target the location of their enemies. On the home front, the software could be used by everyone, including golfers judging distance to the green and biologists documenting the location of a rare animal without disturbing it. Share This: See Also: Matter & EnergyBatteriesTechnologyOpticsComputers & MathSoftwareComputer ProgrammingMobile ComputingReference Application...

Photonics: Think thin, think vibrant

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TechAndComputer (Aug. 29, 2012) — Flat panel displays and many digital devices require thin, efficient and low-cost light-emitters for applications. The pixels that make up the different colors on the display are typically wired to complex electronic circuits, but now researchers at A*STAR have developed a display technology that requires a much simpler architecture for operation. Share This: See Also: Matter & EnergyOpticsTechnologyElectronicsComputers &...

Magnetic vortex reveals key to spintronic speed limit

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TechAndComputer (Aug. 28, 2012) — he evolution of digital electronics is a story of miniaturization -- each generation of circuitry requires less space and energy to perform the same tasks. But even as high-speed processors move into handheld smart phones, current data storage technology has a functional limit: magnetically stored digital information becomes unstable when too tightly packed. The answer to maintaining the breath-taking pace of our ongoing computer revolution may be the...

By text-mining the classics, professor unearths new literary insights

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TechAndComputer (Aug. 27, 2012) — Mark Twain once said that all ideas are second hand, consciously and unconsciously drawn from a million outside sources. Oscar Wilde put it more bluntly when he said that talents imitate, but geniuses steal. Share This: See Also: Computers & MathInformation TechnologyPhotographyComputer GraphicsFossils & RuinsLost TreasuresEarly ClimateAnthropologyReference User interface designAnthropologyComputer softwareArchaeological...

Invention will strike a chord with musicians

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TechAndComputer (Aug. 24, 2012) — Digital software and hardware being developed in conjunction with the University of Adelaide is set to revolutionise the music industry around the world.

The University's JM Coetzee Centre for Creative Practice is collaborating with Adelaide software company BTM Innovation to make sheet music redundant within the next five years.

The two organisations are working on a platform to distribute music digitally, a breakthrough which is expected to rescue a global...