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Stopping cloud computer problems before they start

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TechAndComputer (Sep. 10, 2012) — Researchers from North Carolina State University have developed a new software tool to prevent performance disruptions in cloud computing systems by automatically identifying and responding to potential anomalies before they can develop into problems. Share This: See Also: Computers & MathInformation TechnologyComputer ScienceDistributed ComputingComputer ModelingHackingEncryptionReference Grid computingComputer softwareComputingMalware

Cloud computing enables users to create multiple "virtual machines" that operate independently, even though they are all operating on one large computing platform. However, this approach can cause performance issues...

Design help for drug cocktails for HIV patients: Mathematical model helps design efficient multi-drug therapies

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TechAndComputer (Sep. 2, 2012) — For years, doctors treating those with HIV have recognized a relationship between how faithfully patients take the drugs they prescribe, and how likely the virus is to develop drug resistance. More recently, research has shown that the relationship between adherence to a drug regimen and resistance is different for each of the drugs that make up the "cocktail" used to control the disease. Share This: See Also: Health &...

Making dye-sensitized solar panels more efficient

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TechAndComputer (Aug. 29, 2012) — Solar panels, like those commonly perched atop house roofs or in sun-drenched fields, quietly harvesting the sun's radiant energy, are one of the standard-bearers of the green energy movement. But could they be better -- more efficient, durable and affordable? That's what engineers from Drexel University and The University of Pennsylvania are trying to find out, with the aid of a little nanotechnology and a lot of mathematical modeling. Share...

Light from self-luminous tablet computers can affect evening melatonin, delaying sleep

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TechAndComputer (Aug. 27, 2012) — A new study from the Lighting Research Center (LRC) at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute shows that a two-hour exposure to electronic devices with self-luminous "backlit" displays causes melatonin suppression, which might lead to delayed bedtimes, especially in teens. Share This: See Also: Health & MedicineInsomnia ResearchSleep Disorder ResearchMind & BrainInsomniaSleep DisordersComputers & MathSpintronics...

Molecular 'movies' may accelerate anti-cancer drug discovery

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TechAndComputer (Aug. 16, 2012) — Using advanced computer simulations, University of Utah College of Pharmacy researchers have produced moving images of a protein complex that is an important target for anti-cancer drugs. This advancement has significant implications for discovering new therapies that could attack cancer without damaging the DNA of healthy cells, according to an article published July 31, 2012 in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Share...