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Materials scientists prevent wear in production facilities in the electronics industry

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Christian Selzner and Dominik Britz have developed a process that enables the damaged components to repair themselves while the PCB fabrication process continues. (Credit: bellhäuser - das bilderwerk)

TechAndComputer (Oct. 4, 2012) — Printed circuit boards (PCBs) are core components in every mobile phone, television and computer. PCBs can be thought of as acting like a nervous system, forming a network that links the microchips mounted on the board and supplies them with power. One of the most important methods of fabricating large PCBs involves the precision electroplating of copper onto the PCB panel immersed in an acidic electrolyte bath. However, some of the titanium parts used in the electroplating...

Smartphone application to allow instant polling for presidential debate Wednesday

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TechAndComputer (Oct. 2, 2012) — When President Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney square off in their first debate October 3, college students across the country will pilot test a new smartphone application that promises to make live polling possible for the first time on a large scale.

So far more than 175 political science professors nationwide have registered some 12,000 students to field test the real-time polling app, developed by researchers at the University of...

Thanks for the transparent memories: Progress in quest for reliable, flexible computer memory for transparent electronics

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Using graphene as crossbar terminals, Rice researchers are following through on groundbreaking research that shows silicon oxide, one of the most common materials on Earth, can be used as a reliable computer memory. The memories are flexible, transparent and can be built in 3-D configurations. (Credit: Graphic by Jun Yao/Rice University)

TechAndComputer (Oct. 2, 2012) — Very few discoveries happen in an instant. Few discoverers go, "Aha!" More often, the truth...

Hotter might be better at energy-intensive data centers

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TechAndComputer (Sep. 25, 2012) — As data centres continue to come under scrutiny for the amount of energy they use, researchers at University of Toronto Scarborough (UTSC) have a suggestion: turn the air conditioning down.

"We see our results as strong evidence that most organizations could run their data centers hotter than they currently are without making significant sacrifices in system reliability," says Bianca Schroeder, a UTSC assistant professor of computer...

Experiment corrects prediction in quantum theory

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Scientists are rewriting a page from the quantum physics rulebook using a laboratory once dubbed the coldest spot in the universe. (Credit: iStockphoto/Nick Schlax)

TechAndComputer (Sep. 19, 2012) — An international team of scientists is rewriting a page from the quantum physics rulebook using a University of Florida laboratory once dubbed the coldest spot in the universe.

Much of what we know about quantum mechanics is theoretical and tested via computer...