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Disentangling information from photons

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TechAndComputer (July 12, 2012) — Theoretical physicist Filippo Miatto and colleagues from the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, UK, have found a new method of reliably assessing the information contained in photon pairs used for applications in cryptography and quantum computing. The findings, published in The European Physical Journal D, are so robust that they enable access to the information even when the measurements on photon pairs are imperfect.

The authors focused on photon pairs described as being in a state of quantum entanglement: i.e., made up of many superimposed pairs of states. This means that these photon pairs are intimately linked by common physical characteristics such as a spatial property called...

New quantum encryption method foils hackers

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TechAndComputer (Apr. 2, 2012) — A research team led by University of Toronto Professor Hoi-Kwong Lo has found a new quantum encryption method to foil even the most sophisticated hackers. The discovery is outlined in the latest issue of Physical Review Letters.

Quantum cryptography is, in principle, a foolproof way to prevent hacking. It ensures that any attempt by an eavesdropper to read encoded communication data will lead to disturbances that can be detected by the legitimate...

Risk-based passenger screening could make air travel safer

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TechAndComputer (Jan. 31, 2012) — Anyone who has flown on a commercial airline since 2001 is well aware of increasingly strict measures at airport security checkpoints. A study by Illinois researchers demonstrates that intensive screening of all passengers actually makes the system less secure by overtaxing security resources.

University of Illinois computer science and mathematics professor Sheldon H. Jacobson, in collaboration with Adrian J. Lee at the Central Illinois...

New technology tightens cyber security

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TechAndComputer (Jan. 6, 2012) — Signcryption is a technology that protects confidentiality and authenticity, seamlessly and simultaneously.

For example, when you log in to your online bank account, signcryption prevents your username and password from being seen by unauthorized individuals. At the same time, it confirms your identity for the bank.

UNC Charlotte professor Yuliang Zheng invented the revolutionary new technology and he continues his...

TechAndComputer (Jan. 6, 2012) —...

Protecting confidential data with math

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TechAndComputer (Dec. 16, 2011) — Statistical databases (SDBs) are collections of data that are used to gather and analyze information from a variety of sources. The data may be derived from sales transactions, customer files, voter registrations, medical records, employee rosters, product inventories, or other compilations of facts and figures.

Because database security requires multiple processes and controls, it presents huge security...

TechAndComputer (Dec. 16, 2011) — Statistical...