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Scientists analyze millions of news articles

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TechAndComputer (Nov. 26, 2012) — A study led by academics at the University of Bristol's Intelligent Systems Laboratory and the School of Journalism at Cardiff University has used Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms to analyse 2.5 million articles from 498 different English-language online news outlets over ten months.

The researchers found that: As expected, readability measures show that online tabloid newspapers are more readable than broadsheets and use more sentimental language. Among 15 US and UK newspapers, the Sun is the easiest to read, comparable to the BBC's children's news programme, Newsround, while the Guardian is the most difficult to read. 'Sport' and 'Arts' were the most readable topics while...

Human brain, Internet, and cosmology: Similar laws at work?

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Simple mapping between the two surfaces representing the geometries of the universe and complex networks proves that their large-scale growth dynamics and structures are similar. (Credit: Image courtesy of CAIDA/SDSC)

TechAndComputer (Nov. 19, 2012) — The structure of the universe and the laws that govern its growth may be more similar than previously thought to the structure and growth of the human brain and other complex networks, such as the Internet or a social...

Teleconcussion validated in case study

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TechAndComputer (Nov. 19, 2012) — A program at Mayo Clinic using telemedicine technology is showing promise for patients with concussions in rural Arizona. A case study published in the December 2012 issue of Telemedicine and e-Health validates "teleconcussion" as a useful means to assess concussed patients.

In the case study, doctors at Mayo Clinic in Arizona conducted a live audio-video evaluation of a 15-year-old soccer player in Show Low, Ariz., who received a concussion...

Information and communication technologies allow electrical consumption to be reduced by one third

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TechAndComputer (Nov. 12, 2012) — Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) may allow a thirty percent reduction in electrical consumption in cities. This is what is demonstrated by a European research project that Universidad Carlos III of Madrid (UC3M) has participated in. The results were presented after analysis showed how to optimize the use of residential consumption and generation infrastructures.

The scientists and technologists who are participating in the...

Software prevents depression during and after pregnancy, study finds

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TechAndComputer (Nov. 12, 2012) — Despite 6 to 8% of women in Spain suffering depression during and after pregnancy, there are few effective tools for early detection and treatment. Researchers at the Universitat Jaume I of Castellón and the University of Zaragoza, in collaboration with professionals from different health centres in Spain, are working on developing a psychological on-line assessment tool to detect and prevent emotional disturbances during pregnancy and after childbirth...