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Deal website discretion: A deal a day can keep the consumer away

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TechAndComputer (May 22, 2012) — Before giving into temptation and purchasing a half-price vacation or yoga lesson from a daily deal website, one Kansas State University professor cautions users to think twice.

Daily deal websites and flash sale websites often offer prices well below what would be seen in a retail store or through typical online shopping. But Ether Swilley, assistant professor of marketing, says the deals may not be so good for business and that consumers may regret their impulse buying.

"I would advise users to use discretion," Swilley said. "Make sure it's something you really need or want, and you're not just purchasing it because it's there and time is counting down."

Daily deal websites...

Are you a Facebook addict?

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TechAndComputer (May 7, 2012) — Are you a social media enthusiast or simply a Facebook addict? Researchers from Norway have developed a new instrument to measure Facebook addiction, the Bergen Facebook Addiction Scale.

"The use of Facebook has increased rapidly. We are dealing with a subdivision of Internet addiction connected to social media," Doctor of Psychology Cecilie Schou Andreassen says about the study, which is the first of its kind worldwide.

Andreassen heads...

Unique research on inner life of Google

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TechAndComputer (Apr. 23, 2012) — Google is one of the world's most innovative companies. Why? Ask Swedish researcher Annika Steiber at Chalmers University of Technology. She has been seeking answers inside the company's headquarters Googleplex for nearly a year. No other researcher has ever had such access.

On site in California Annika Steiber has spent nearly a year studying how Google is managed and organized so as to be able to maintain its high innovative capacity. The...

Google Earth ocean terrain receives major update: Data sharpen resolution of seafloor maps, correct 'discovery' of Atlantis

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TechAndComputer (Feb. 2, 2012) — Internet information giant Google updated ocean data in its Google Earth application this week, reflecting new bathymetry data assembled by Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UC San Diego, NOAA researchers and many other ocean mapping groups from around the world.

The newest version of Google Earth includes more accurate imagery in several key areas of ocean using data collected by research cruises over the past three years.

"The original...

'Your password is invalid': Improving website password practices

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TechAndComputer (Jan. 31, 2012) — Internet users are increasingly asked to register with a user name and password before being able to access the content of many sites. In their upcoming Ergonomics in Design article, "A Passport to Password Best Practices," human factors/ergonomics researchers Soolmaz Moshfeghian and Young Sam Ryu identify impediments to efficient password creation and provide design strategies for enhancing the user experience.

Because there is no standard...