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Electrons confined inside nano-pyramids

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Near-field microscopy using the free electron laser at HZDR: An adjusting laser is employed to align the measuring tip of the microscope that comes from above. Below the movable sample stage is to be seen. (Credit: Image courtesy of Helmholtz Association of German Research Centres)

TechAndComputer (Sep. 28, 2012) — Quantum dots are nanostructures of semiconducting materials that behave a lot like single atoms and are very easy to produce. Given their special properties, researchers see huge potential for quantum dots in technological applications. Before this can happen, however, we need a better understanding of how the electrons "trapped" inside them behave. Dresden physicists have recently observed how...

Squeeze light 'till it hurts' on a quantum scale: Researchers push the boundaries on ultra-precise measurement

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Professor Howard Wiseman. (Credit: Image courtesy of Griffith University)

TechAndComputer (Sep. 21, 2012) — An international team of physicists has pushed the boundaries on ultra-precise measurement by harnessing quantum light waves in a new way.

It is one thing to be able to measure spectacularly small distances using "squeezed" light, but it is now possible to do this even while the target is moving around.

An Australian-Japanese research...

Imprisoned molecules 'quantum rattle' in their cages

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TechAndComputer (Aug. 20, 2012) — Scientists have discovered that a space inside a special type of carbon molecule can be used to imprison other smaller molecules such as hydrogen or water. Share This: See Also: Matter & EnergyPhysicsChemistryQuantum PhysicsComputers & MathQuantum ComputersSpintronics ResearchEncryptionReference FullereneMoleculeChemical bondMacromolecule

The nano-metre sized cavity of the hollow spherical C60...

First direct observations of quantum effects in an optomechanical system

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TechAndComputer (Aug. 15, 2012) — A long-time staple of science fiction is the tractor beam, a technology in which light is used to move massive objects -- recall the tractor beam in the movie Star Wars that captured the Millennium Falcon and pulled it into the Death Star. While tractor beams of this sort remain science fiction, beams of light today are being used to mechanically manipulate atoms or tiny glass beads, with rapid progress being made to control increasingly larger objects...

Theoretical physicists probe the Majorana mystery

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TechAndComputer (Aug. 1, 2012) — With headlines proclaiming the discovery of the Higgs boson -- the so-called God particle -- particle physics has captured the imagination of the world, particularly among those who dwell on the nature of the cosmos. But this is only one puzzle seemingly solved in a universe of mysteries. In a recent paper in Physical Review Letters, Dartmouth physicists delve into another enigmatic particle.

Majorana is a name whose very mention evokes a veil of...