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Quantum Computers

Dance of quantum tornadoes: Quantum fluid trapped on top of semiconductor chip

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Polariton quantum rivers flow from four hills creating quantum tornadoes in the valley. (Credit: Natasha Berloff from DAMTP)

TechAndComputer (Dec. 4, 2012) — A quantum fluid trapped on top of a semiconductor chip can be used to measure movements to astonishing precision.

Tornado-like vortexes can be produced in bizarre fluids which are controlled by quantum mechanics, completely unlike normal liquids. New research published December 4 in the journal Nature Communications demonstrates how massed ranks of these quantum twisters line up in rows, and paves the way for engineering quantum circuits and chips measuring motion ultra-precisely.

The destructive power of rampaging tornadoes defeats the human...

Beating the dark side of quantum computing

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TechAndComputer (Nov. 16, 2012) — A future quantum computer will be able to carry out calculations billions of times faster than even today's most powerful machines by exploit the fact that the tiniest particles, molecules, atoms and subatomic particles can exist in more than one state simultaneously. Scientists and engineers are looking forward to working with such high-power machines but so too are cyber-criminals who will be able to exploit this power in cracking passwords and...

Physicists skirt thermal vibration, transfer optical signal via mechanical oscillator

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Graduate students Mark Kuzyk, Victor Fiore and Chunhua Dong. (Credit: Image courtesy of University of Oregon)

TechAndComputer (Nov. 15, 2012) — Using tiny radiation pressure forces -- generated each time light is reflected off a surface -- University of Oregon physicists converted an optical field, or signal, from one color to another. Aided by a "dark mode," the conversion occurs through the coupling between light and a mechanical oscillator, without...

Powering lasers through heat

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Schematic picture of a quantum cascade laser. The layers of different semiconductor material constitute the bandstructure shown in the inset. (Credit: Graphics: Christoph Deutsch)

TechAndComputer (Nov. 13, 2012) — In micro electronics heat often causes problems and engineers have to put a lot of technical effort into cooling, for example micro chips, to dissipate heat that is generated during operation. Innsbruck physicists have now suggested a concept for a laser...

First noiseless single photon amplifier

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TechAndComputer (Nov. 11, 2012) — Research physicists have demonstrated the first device capable of amplifying the information in a single particle of light without adding noise.

The research collaboration, involving Griffith University, The University of Queensland and University of Science and Technology of China, was able to amplify the noisy quantum state of a single photon subjected to loss, without adding noise in the process; in fact, their amplification reduced the noise...