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Wireless communication’s crystal ball

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“Awair” displays when signals are being transmitted and on which frequencies. (Credit: © Fraunhofer ESK)

TechAndComputer (Dec. 5, 2012) — By now, wireless connections like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are just as commonplace in industry. Yet systems often interfere with one another as data is being exchanged. Now, "Awair" will not only detect available frequencies but will predict them, too.

Wireless communication technologies have become an indispensable part of industrial operations. Within the logistics sector, for instance, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are used not only to identify and track goods but also to control forklift trucks or high-rack storage systems. In this, the various wireless systems...

Technology only a tool in search for solutions to poverty

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TechAndComputer (Nov. 16, 2012) — Technology can serve as a tool to bridge the digital divide, but it is unlikely to be a complete solution in helping people find jobs and escape poverty, according to a Penn State researcher.

"People really want to believe that the latest technology will help us do all these great things and liberate us," said Michelle Rodino-Colocino, assistant professor of communications and women's studies. "But it's also a way of putting off the big problems...

Increasing efficiency of wireless networks: New method could have broad impacts on mobile Internet and wireless industries

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From left, Yingbo Hua and Ping Liang stand in the anechoic (non-echoing) radio frequency chamber where they conduct research. (Credit: Peter Phun)

TechAndComputer (Nov. 13, 2012) — Two professors at the University of California, Riverside Bourns College of Engineering have developed a new method that doubles the efficiency of wireless networks and could have a large impact on the mobile Internet and wireless industries.

Efficiency of wireless networks is key...

Is your utility meter getting personal?

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TechAndComputer (Oct. 31, 2012) — As of 2010, more than a third of all utility meters in the United States used wireless automatic meter reading (AMR) technology -- 47 million in all. They make it a lot easier for the utility company to gather data on electricity, natural gas and water usage. But as a University of South Carolina research team has shown, it's possible for their unencrypted broadcasts to be intercepted, giving a sophisticated eavesdropper a window into household...

'Ultrawideband' could be future of medical monitoring

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TechAndComputer (June 18, 2011) — New research by electrical engineers at Oregon State University has confirmed that an electronic technology called "ultrawideband" could hold part of the solution to an ambitious goal in the future of medicine -- health monitoring with sophisticated "body-area networks."

Such networks would offer continuous, real-time health diagnosis, experts say, to reduce the onset of degenerative diseases, save lives and cut...

TechAndComputer (June 18, 2011) — New...